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Why do oils Extracted from Wooden Churners Fizz ? FIZZ (Foam) in the oil and its thickness is the PROOF of its Purity stating that there were no chemicals used in their making. All that Glitters is Not Gold. Oil Extracted in a Wooden Churner has FIZZ (Foam) as its Naturnal Property as No Chemicals are used while Extracting them. Especially no Machine Filteration Process is done Because filtration Requires Heat above Smoke (Boiling) Point to be done. so we Perform Manual filtration process by just Letting the oil settle down for 12 hours. Thus these oils are a little Thicker and full of Nutritive Values. thus Quantity Required for Cooking is less as Compared to Refined oil Normally as Suggested by Ayurvidic Doctors In our day to day cooking one must make use of varity of wooden churned Indian origin Edible oils like Groundnut oil , Sesame oil , Kardi oil , Coconut oil , etc one can Change to a different oil every month. It is Also Suggested that One may also use a mixture of oils in the following manner 3- Liter Groundnut oil. 1- Liter Sesame oil. 1- Kardi oil. 200- ML- Coconut oil. Thus by using a Mix Variety of oils one can have a complete Balanced Diet. Note : Always store your oil and Ghee in a Steel Containers. Change your Cooking oil as per the Season. During the monsoon and Winter our body is under the influence of Vat (Wind Humour). Thus one Must make use of Wooden churned Sesame oil. Or one can also mix a Praportinate quantity Approx 25 - 50 % in our routine Groundnut, Kardi, oil or use it Rotationally. Benefits : By using Sesame oil in Cooking influence of vat (Wind Humar) is Reduced. Sesame oil is Rich in4 Calcium thus Using for body massage Strengthens your Bones. Gargling with Sesame oil Improves your Gums and is Great for Sensitive Teeth. Why the taste of oil extracted from wooden churner is best? To Extract the oil on a wooden churner We used the Technique which comes from Ancient India.The seeds are crushed in the wooden churner to extract the oil from it. This maintains the real taste, sweetness and nutritional of the seed in the oil. It also affects the taste of the food cooked in the oil. According to the Indian tradition, So it is nutritional, healthy and tasty. Which type of wood is used in Wooden Ghani? The oil from wooden churner is extracted using the means of ayurvedas The wood used in the churner is made of selected Vaghai/ neem/babool/mango trees as suggested by ayurveda Rishis. Due to this all the natural values are maintained in the oil and is beneficial in the natural way. Therefore for families good health the oil extracted from wooden churner should be used. What Are the Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil? There are several health benefits of sweet almond oil, especially related to skin health issues. For this reason, sweet almond oil is frequently used in a variety of cosmetic products. Additional benefits include the natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of the almond.

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