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About Us

Orgatma is a newly set up Agro based company. It has become a supplier of Organic products like Jaggery, Jaggery powder, Organic fertilizers, sugercane, Sugercane honey, Organic vegetables and fruits, Pisces, Edible Oil and Organic food products. We started this company in the month of February 2018 keeping in mind to produce and bring to the people the chemical free and organic products like edible oils, jaggery, turmeric powder, rock salt, etc.


We are using an ancient technique of extracting oils ( cold process oil extraction) from various seeds and nuts i.e. WOODEN GHANI. No Chemical is used while Extracting the oil and especially no Machine Filter Process is done Because it again Requires Heat above Smoke (Boiling) Point, we perform Manual filter process like fine cloth and just settle down the oil for 12 hours. We get Refined Oil in the market. For getting Refined Oil it is boiled up to 300 to 350 degree temperature. And then suddenly cooked upto 40 degree. Thus all the nutrients from this oil is decomposed. And unfortunately we have to eat unhealthy oil. But Oil produced by this method of Wooden Ghani is Thick as compared to Refined oil. This oil is full of Natural nutritional Values as well the Taste, Colour, and Aroma of the oil Remain unchanged Like Garden Fresh. Also we experienced that the quantity required for cooking is also comparatively very less than refined oil.


As we are aware that the WOODEN GHANI was Driven by bullocks earlier, and this Ghani was first invented by the ancient sages of India. Here the wooden Ghani remains the same but the electric motor replaces the animal and nothing else.Our first Unit is located in Surur, Tal Wai, Dist. Satara, Maharashtra India well connected by road (along the national highway 4). We have recently started our another 4 units too various parts of Maharashtra. The raw material used for oil extraction is of the export quality and is garden fresh directly purchased from known farmers to ensure to supply the best quality product to our end users. Our vision is to provide Natural, chemical free, Organic, Pure and superior quality products to all our customers.

Main Objectives of The Company

  • To carry on the business of organic farming.
  • To cultivate, Grow, Produce, Manufacture, Process,Import, Export, Buy, Sale, stock, supply, Provide and deal in all kinds of organic crops.
  • To carry on the farming activities by Organic method.
  • To be leading Organic and chemical free food producer.
  • To import and export all kinds of agricultural products, Organic products including but not limited to all kind of vegetables , fruits, spices, crops, gains, herbs, and other by products, Organic jaggery, Organic Jaggery powder, Organic liquid jaggery and all types of eatables and products, plants, machineries,, equipments, tools for agriculture and all types of inputs and outputs.
  • To promote the development of organic food processing sector for all kinds of agricultural produce in all forms and description.
  • To develop self sufficient agricultural system which would rely as much as possible upon resources from within its own resources and natural resources.
  • To develop an alternative strategy over chemical farming which would be a guideline for the working of biological and organic processes in natural eco systems.
  • To deal in all activities to meet with all the above objects.
  • To educate farmers about the current and future state of organic inputs.
  • To produce complete organic sugarcane and its by products - sugarcane honey, jaggery powder and organic vegetables.

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